Our Services

Strategic IT Planning

As your business grows, you are continually seeking points of leverage to scale and maximize productivity. As your company’s leader, you want to ensure you’re:

  • Using the best technology for the job
  • Managing Costs
  • Ensuring the systems are optimized and talking to each other

Consist’s Consultative Approach:

  • Assess current technology against company goals

  • Identify growth and productivity blockers

  • Develop technology and data policies

  • Develop actionable short term and long term plans

  • Develop real-time, weekly, and monthly metrics

  • Quarterly assessments and adjustments

We have over 100 years of combined technology experience in:

  • Cyber Security & Compliance

  • Cloud Storage Infrastructure

  • Microsoft 365

  • Network Architecture

  • Security Tools

    Firewalls, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Virus, Awareness Training, Port Monitoring, and more

  • Line of Business Applications

    CRM’s, Accounting, ERP’s, Microsoft Office, and other tools you use to run your business

Service Desk

When it comes to your technology, you’ve probably said the following:

“I just want it to work!”
“I need someone to fix this now!”
“How did this little computer issue suck up so much of my day?”

This is where we come in. When technology is proactively maintained and supported, IT becomes a tailwind instead of a headwind.

We are here 7am to 7pm EST every weekday to solve your technical issues. We’re also available after hours as you need us.


Our Support Desk Promise:

  • Atlanta based Service Desk available 7am to 7pm EST every weekday, as well as after hours

  • Preventative maintenance and proactive support before issues arise

  • Managed Network Security and Backup

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure maximum benefit

  • 24/7/365 systems monitoring and protection

Network and Computer Security

Phishing scams, ransomeware, and all forms of electronic theft are increasing in volume and are aimed at all businesses, regardless of size. We’re here to ensure your business is protected and secure.

We take an “In Everything” approach to security. Consist follows the NIST Framework, which outlines the best practices to implement cyber protections throughout your technology stack and network.

Computer security

Consist follows the NIST Framework

NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the U.S. Department of Commerce. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework helps businesses of all sizes better understand, manage, and reduce their cybersecurity risk and protect their networks and data.

  • Identify

    An organizational understanding that helps manage cybersecurity risk to your systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities. We map out each piece of software, device, and access point to understand where a threat can come from.

  • Protect

    Safeguards for critical access points protecting sensitive data and ensuring business continuity.

  • Detect

    A comprehensive early detection system for identifying potential critical threats before they can access your data.

  • Respond

    Proactively addressing identified cybersecurity threats by implementing appropriate action.

  • Recover

    Ensuring data resilience and restoring services affected by cybersecurity threats.

Standard protection when working with Consist includes:

  • Backup & Recovery

    We develop and implement appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and ensure you can restore any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity incident.

  • Enhanced Email Security

    Most exploits target your company’s email. Advanced email security platforms help prevent malicious content from sneaking into your inbox.

  • Awareness Training

    The single greatest mitigant to cyber-attacks is education. Using best-in-class online classroom technology, we provide engaging security awareness content to ensure your entire team is certified and knowledgeable on the latest threats to your business.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    In addition to passwords, we configure Multi Factor Authentication as an added layer of protection for critical systems.

  • Computer Updates and Patching

    Hackers scour the web for known vulnerabilities that have not yet been patched. Patching is an automated and standard operating procedure on our platform.

  • Firewalls & Security Gateways

    Firewalls and Security Gateways ensure your office is protected by preventing inbound traffic from accessing to your sensitive data.

  • Mobile Device Security

    Mobile is instrumental to today’s business environment. We provide tools to ensure your data is safe even if it’s accessed via a mobile device.

  • Encryption

    Encryption is the process of scrambling data to make it unreadable to hackers, ensuring data security and confidentiality. We highly encourage all organizations implement encryption.

  • Managed Detection and Response

    Active monitoring of and response to hackers in your system. We shut them down immediately and ready backup data.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Don’t think it can happen to you? Outages and interruption of business operations take many forms. Whether it’s a system outage from fires, floods, or theft, we secure your data multiple times a day at a secure off-site location.

It starts with a “Business Continuity Plan”. We assess your business practices and IT needs and develop a customized plan, protecting you from natural or man-made disasters.


With Consist’s Backup & Recovery system

you can rest assured that:

  • Data is encrypted, secured, and backed-up daily to ensure recoverability.

  • Backup processes are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure restoration and prevent data loss before it happens.

  • Business continuity solution is tested regularly to guarantee data is safe and easily recoverable.

  • Data can be restored quickly and efficiently, regardless of the situation.

Cloud and Server Services

While the Cloud is no longer new, it is still misunderstood and often mismanaged. The truth is that the Cloud can be a cost effective and highly productive move for companies if it’s actively managed and monitored.


At Consist we provide a Cloud Solution that is:

  • Secure

    We safely host all your data in our Secured Data Center in Cobb County, where you get multiple layers of security to ensure your data is always protected and easily recovered

  • Cost-effective

    By eliminating the need for annual capital expenditures to buy on-prem infrastructure, our technology improves your bottom line

  • Mobile

    You and your staff will be able to collaborate from any internet-enabled device

  • Scalable

    The Cloud is scalable and ensures your infrastructure keeps up with your growth

Gains in Productivity, Speed and Autonomy

A Cloud enabled technology platform ensures your business is able to access valuable tools and software to run your business at full speed:

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Make use of familiar Microsoft Office applications in a Cloud environment that’s available 24/7/365 from wherever you are

  • VoIP Business Telephones

    Migrate your telephone services to a secure, reliable, and customizable internet-based phone system

  • Business Continuity Solutions

    Protect your data and systems from any kind of disaster, whether natural or manmade, by backing them up to the Cloud, so you can access and recover your technology even if your office is compromised

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft o365 is core to most businesses, but often underutilized for both productivity and security. Consist helps you pick the right plan, tools and training to get the most out of your software investment.

How does Consist get the most out of Microsoft o365 for you?

  • Picking the Right Plan

    Office isn’t just Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft has bundled best-in-class solutions ranging from database management, to graphic design, to business intelligence. There are currently over 5 different plans with different price points. We help put clients in the right plan that matches not only their business needs, but also their budget.

  • Migration and Implementation

    Getting started on the o365 ecosystem is a powerful catalyst to powering your business, but it takes a thoughtful approach that includes:

    • Implementation of Core o365 Applications
    • List of Users and Permissions
    • File Mapping and Migration
    • User Training
  • Ensuring Security and Settings

    Microsoft o365 is highly configurable, but can be confusing.  We ensure you’re properly configured for security, permissions and backup.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Training

    Everyone at Consist is an o365 power users. In addition to actively monitoring your systems, we are readily available to provide any additional training you may need. We can help you learn about o365 applications such as Teams, Yammer, Planner and more. Furthermore, you’ll have access to our Client Knowledge Base for videos and “how to’s”.

Business Telephones

We have numerous communication solutions that are right-sized for our clients’ needs from Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) for physical devices to Microsoft Voice over your personal computer. We’ll make sure you have the right tool to match your workflows and business needs.